Waterguard is a large, thriving port town. A large chunk of the import and export of goods for the kingdom goes through here. It offers a large variety of services and wares for visitors, no matter how deep their coin-purse.

Was originally a tiny little fishing village, that grew quite quickly due to the abundance of fish in the area. The size of the town only continued to explode when they opened up for overseas trade. As a result, the town is very spread out, and there are entire sections of old, dilapidated buildings that people shouldn’t live in. They do, regardless.

The old end of town is notoriously crime-ridden due to the size of the town, and the number of guards. Or at least it was, until an organization formed up for the specific purpose of patrolling those areas and dealing with those who see fit to cause problems; the Eyes of A’Lluenn. This has, of course led to certain criminals dressing as one of the organization members in hopes of lulling victims into a false sense of security. However, members of the eyes have amulets that let them communicate telepathically with each other. If two meet and one does not exchange their customary greeting, and refuses to communicate at all, it’s assumed that the non-communicative one is a fake. At such times all the members within an area gather, and subdue the fake, who is then taken back to their headquarters. It’s very rare to ever see such an individual again.

Services: Blacksmithing, Woodsmithing, Ropemakers, Shipwrights, Salting/preservation, General store, Inns/Taverns, Whorehouse, Supplies/ food/etc., Dockworkers, Distribution companies, Warehouses, Cartworkers, Custom Seamstresses for cold/wet weather, Sail Makers, Healers guild, Trappers, Apothecarium, Stonesmith/Carpenters, Money Changers.


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