This will be a collection of facts about the world that currently have nowhere else to be. As I add more to the world, information from here may be collected in more appropriate locations.

- Months -
  • Eanair (Ayanair)
  • Feabhra (Faybra)
  • Marta
  • Aibrean (Aybreen)
  • Bealtaine (Bayaltaine)
  • Meitheamh (Mayiteem)
  • Luil(Looill)
  • Fomhair (Fomhayer)
  • Deireadh (Dayaray
  • Samhain
  • Nollaig (Nolayg)
  • Ceiluir (Cayluweer)

- Each month has 28 days, based on the Caevian Lunar Calendar. Caevian is the prominent of the two moons, with the smaller moon, Gaishacht orbiting further away, and showing as full every 52 days. On the 28th day of Samhain, both moons are full at the same time. Likewise, on the 14th of Bealtaine, both Caevian and Gaishacht are new, and hidden from sight. However, there is not a single day during the year when one is full, and the other is new, at the same time.

- Days -
  • Domhnach (Domhinak)
  • Luan (Luwin)
  • Mhairt (Myart)
  • Cheadaoin (Caydwin)
  • Deordaoin (Dayordwin)
  • Aoine (Aywin)
  • Satharn


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