Crossroads is a medium sized town, sitting at the intersection of a couple of major trade routes. There’s a main road through town, with a number of outshoot streets where the majority of shops and inns are located. Beyond that are the housing and more affordable – read scummier inns. The further towards the outer walls one gets, the better the chance of finding more black market stuff, but also the better chance of finding trouble. The criminals pay off the guards, so they do a really good job of keeping the main grounds clear of crime, but once you cross the border road (a street that runs in a circle around the town.) It’s pretty well everyone for themselves. The guards do head across the road on occasions, but the fact that crime never seems to happen where they’re patrolling has lead to the rumor that their routes are being passed off to the criminals ahead of time. The stores along the main road all tend to be expensive, and the salespeople pushy. The owner of the Crossroads Inn is said to also own many of the shops, though that’s spoken only in rumor. However, it does explain why the tavern is one of the largest, fanciest ones you can find. There are a number of other inns along the main roads, including The Wandering Dog.

Caravans frequently run through here, and there are a couple of merchant sponsored caravan companies that operate in the city. For a fee, they provide food, fire, protection, and directions to the traveler.


Blacksmithing, Woodsmithing, Bowyer, General stores, Inns, Whorehouse, Apothecarium, Stonesmith/Carpenters, Caravan Protection


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