End of an Age

Session Two


The attack of the banditos!

Quick run down (to be edited later)

• Caravan attacked by bandits; Guards chased after a bunch of them

• Attacked by 8 more bandits

• Bard used inspiring ballad:

• Defeated bandits; only 3 guards returned from chasing off other bandits

• Heard one thief run off after the battle.

• Phionsa’s father killed; decided to go after remaining thieves based on map to their base we found.

• After almost getting lost, found hideout entrance

• Dead thief looking like it triggered a trap. Attention to the corpse distracted from an arrow slit in the wall that one of the thieves attacked through.

• Entered another room, large, with 2 visible thieves in it

• 2 more thieves to the right

• Killed them all

• 2 doors, one to the north, one to the East (above the one we entered in); Took East door

• 3 crossbow bandits, 1 dagger

• 2 more thieves are visible

• We clear the room except for one bandit who gives up

• Decide to barricade doors and try to rest for the night. Session end.



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