End of an Age

Session 3

Brief Rundown for editing later.

• Before resting for the night we interrogated the prisoner. No especially useful information. • Night uneventful • Checked out kitchen. Nothing of note. • Explored other areas hadn’t seen before; found pit-full room • Attacked by 10 thieves (5 through door we entered, 5 in other door)

• Cleared area and continued • Found hallway with old ratty tapestries down it • Cale’Anon tested each one (found lots of traps) • Cleared the area and continued into new room • Round room with pit in the middle; escaped thief starts a fire as he runs off • Kiera jumps across pit (but barely makes it) then helps the others climb up after they are lowered down from the other side • Everyone makes it to the other side then enters a new hallway leading to a door • Pause for the session.



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